11/26/2017 – 02/11/2018

Greatest Hits

The Best of the ʼ60s, ʼ70s, ʼ80s, and today—from the Municipal Art Collection of Erlangen

Good art and good songs—once they are in your head, they will stay with you throughout your whole life.

From November on, we will rock it once more—with the artworks from our collection. Since the 1970s we have been collecting contemporary art in Erlangen. Our focus is on graphics, multiples, and artists’ books but there are also sculptures, installations, and videos.

For the exhibition Greatest Hits we recorded a mixtape to show to you—in eleven rooms, on two floors and an area of almost 600 square meters. Not in chronological order or sorted by art styles but with the same intention as back in the days when we used to copy Queen from vinyl to cassettes—to stay in your hearts. A graphic from the Sixties hangs next to a multiple from the Eighties and a photograph from 2016 fits in between both of them so well that we cannot get enough of them. We see their relation to each other in a whole new perspective. Our collection in a completely new light—in Kunstpalais like you have never seen it before!

Big opening party on Saturday, November 25, at 7 P.M.—with karaoke, DJs, drinks and the best hits of the past and today!

Featuring amongst others: Marina Abramović (RS), Josef Albers (DE9, Vanessa Beecroft (IT), Joseph Beuys (DE), Anna und Bernhard Blume (DE), Klaus vom Bruch (DE), Chuck Close (US), Rupprecht Geiger (DE), Rebecca Horn (DE), Robert Indiana (US), Jürgen Klauke (DE), Imi Knoebel (DE), Alicja Kwade (DE), Sherrie Levine (US), Sol LeWitt (US), Joep van Liefland (NL), Eduardo Paolozzi (GB-SCT), Yuri Pattison (IE), Otto Piene (DE), Michelangelo Pistoletto (IT), Thomas Ruff (DE), Laurie Simmons (US), Juergen Teller (DE) und Andy Warhol (US).

Image: Eduardo Paolozzi, Moonstrips Empire News, 1967, acrylic glass cassette with 96 serigraphies and 4 foils, detail, © Trustees of the Paolozzi Foundation, Licensed by VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017


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Vernissage: 25.11.2017