09/21 – 10/07/2018

Heavy Metal. Erntedank

Straight from the Academy

Our late summer is going to be loud. Wild, bright and contemplative. Funny—and uncanny. Overwhelming! With the group exhibition Heavy Metal. Erntedank we have fulfilled one of our dreams. We give space and light to the artists whose works have caught our special attention in recent years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

These (ex-)graduates and students from the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg completely occupy the eleven rooms of Kunstpalais and shape them entirely in their respective individual handwriting. There is painting, sculpture, installation, video, and photography—fashioned in such an extensive way that you get the impression you go from one artist's head into the other. The connecting element of the selected artists (and artist duos) is—apart from their origin from the AFA Nuremberg—solely their diversity.

Heavy Metal. Erntedank is the supernova among the Kunstpalais exhibitions this year—visible only for two and a half weeks but shining like an entire galaxy.

Participating artists:

Ingrid und Michael Grillenberger (DE), Claudia Holzinger (DE), Alexandre Karaïvanov (GB), Katharina Kraus (DE), Leon Leube und Tomasz Skibicki (DE), Mateusz von Motz (PL), Eva Nüsslein (DE), Anna Poetter (DE), Jonas Tröger (DE), Michael Ullrich (DE), Carmen Westermeier (DE) and Julia Hainz (DE)

Vernissage: 20.09.2018