09/27 – 11/22/2015

Save the Data!

In Erlangen, the city where the MP3-format was developed, the group exhibition SAVE THE DATA! focuses on the interaction of fine art and various forms of storage. In what ways do artists use digital storage media—current and outdated—for their artistic expression und how are the different levels of meaning entangled? What influence does the digitization have on the creation of images in photography, film, and sculpture? How are the changes, which happened to storage media within the last years and decades, questioned through artistic processing?

On the one hand, records, Compact Discs, and CD-ROMs, but especially music cassettes, diskettes, and VHS-tapes disappeared from daily use—on the other hand, the appearance of this sort of hardware increased in museums and galleries. As raw material, they are more and more appealing for artists; also, the spectator is excited about a reencounter with this kind of familiar material. The once dreaded tape jam, the rumble of the film projector, the mixtape for the sweetheart or the image of shelves full of video tapes belong to the past, but the feelings that are connected with those things, between nostalgia and euphoria, grow and are used purposefully by artists. The hidden content, which is stored in the works of art, but invisible at the same time, adds to the appeal of the presented works.

The contemporary handling of data and storage on the other hand creates new aesthetic prototypes (like the window of the internet browser or the raster of the picture editing program) and allows different possibilities of production (in recourse of the almost infinite, for everyone easily accessible data asset on the internet) to arise. This new parameters are also established in the artistic production.

With high-quality items on loan and especially for the space of Kunstpalais produced installations by contemporary artists from the international art scene Save the Data! is the first exhibition to gather works referencing this current discourse. On occasion of the exhibition an extensive catalog will be published which will include essays from authors of different disciplines as well as short interviews with the artists.

Participating artists

Timo Arnall (GB), Aram Bartholl (DE), Viktoria Binschtok (RU), Gregor Hildebrandt (DE), Ronnie Yarisal und Katja Kublitz (CH und DK), Via Lewandowsky (DE), Joep van Liefland (NL), Florian Meisenberg (DE), Yuri Pattison (GB), Gebhard Sengmüller (AT)

Vernissage: 26.09.2015