02/12 – 05/29/2022

Neïl Beloufa. La morale de l'histoire

The camel agreed but on one condition. 

If she wanted to make use of his shadow, 

the fennec must bring a little stone in exchange.


The exploration of social structures, of power and powerlessness, dominance and oppression is central to the work of Neïl Beloufa (born 1985 in Paris, France). The multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed sculptor and filmmaker works on these questions with metal and plastic, glass and light, narratively and often semi-documentarily; his works stand in the room, hang on the wall, lie on the floor - and sometimes even physically shake the body of the visitor.

For Kunstpalais, Beloufa brings the scenery of a desert landscape into the darkened rooms and spreads out his self-written fable "La morale de l'histoire" (The Moral of the Story) in several chapters.

In immersive installations of reliefs, video projections and sound, he tells the story of a camel exhausted by work, which, in search of rest and relaxation, triggers a chain reaction of exploitation and social conflict within the desert animal world.

For several years now, Beloufa has been working on "La morale de l'histoire," a work that lies particularly close to his heart. For each presentation, he adds new layers and elements – this is also the case in Erlangen for the first presentation of the work in Germany. For the first time, the story will also be audible there in German, spoken especially for Kunstpalais by actor Lars Eidinger.

Beside the installation that gives the exhibition its title, the solo show encompasses works that are particularly addressed to children. With them, Beloufa pursues further his idea of an exhibition especially for kids.  In this way, he playfully opens the eyes of young and old visitors alike for ecology, identities, and cultural networking in today's society, which is permeated by digital technology and shaped by capitalism.


Image: Neïl Beloufa, La morale de l’histoire, Installation view Art Basel, Miami, 2019, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 

Vernissage: 11.02.2022