Let us introduce ourselves

Laura Capalbo-Gans

Head of Art Education (currently on parental leave)
Which is your favorite room at Kunstpalais?
Our exhibition spaces with the art on display are always a blast, of course, but for me it’s clearly the art education room. An open space where everything simply comes together. Creativity, curiosity, the unexpected, explosions of color, communication, fun, and lots of glitter.
Does art need mediation?!
Need sounds too much like reliance to me. For me, art and art education go hand in hand. For me, art education starts right at the museum entrance – with an exciting exhibition title or an enticing poster. At Kunstpalais, art education is being considered from the outset. It is not a matter of explaining art per se, but of revealing unimagined perspectives, stimulating dialogs, and the joy of art for all visitors with a variety of formats and offers.
What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
A toolbox – in my next life I will be a craftswoman.
Brushes and paint and of course colorful earrings.

Photo: Felix Gans und Frédéric Schwilden
Laura Capalbo-Gans