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Heavy Metal. Erntedank

Straight from the Academy

September 21, 2018 - October 07, 2018

Our late summer is going to be loud. Wild, bright and contemplative. Funny – and uncanny. Overwhelming! With the group exhibition "Heavy Metal. Erntedank" we have fulfilled one of our dreams. We give space and light to the artists whose works have caught our special attention in recent years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

Participating artists:
Ingrid and Michael Grillenberger
Claudia Holzinger
Alexandre Karaïvanov
Katharina Kraus
Leon Leube and Tomasz Skibicki
Mateusz von Motz
Eva Nüsslein
Anna Poetter
Jonas Tröger
Michael Ullrich
Carmen Westermeier and Julia Hainz

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Rinus Van de Velde. Now I am the night of nights

June 30, 2018 - September 09, 2018

Large-format charcoal drawings are often the medium of choice for Rinus Van de Velde (*1983 in Leuven, Belgium). Very often he appears as the protagonist in his works: be it as an artistic alter ego or after the role model of existing persons; Van de Velde moulds characters who travel, explore, and search – for their own self, a new inspiration, but sometimes just for the next gas station and a pack of cigarettes.

Van de Velde already attained international success and is long since a star of the Belgian art scene. He refers to his artistic work as a whole, long story. For Erlangen and his solo show in the Kunstpalais he wrote its next chapter – with new works and a new main character.

Image: "Seemingly quiet, still half awake, ...", 2018, charcoal on canvas, artist frame, 105 x 200 cm, Courtesy KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin/London

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