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Reynold Reynolds: Six or Seven Pieces

September 19, 2014 - November 16, 2014

With the exhibition ‘Reynold Reynolds: Six or Seven Pieces’ the Kunstpalais dedicates to the American film artist the first retrospective show in Germany. His work ranges between art and science, past and present, reality and fiction. He plays with the visitors’ expectations and emotions – and misleads them on unforeseen paths. Indissoluble various worlds are overlaying each other and take the visitor to the gulf of his or her own phantasy.
In the centre of the exhibition forms the film project ‘The Lost’. Based on fragments of the film, which was shot in Germany in 1933, Reynold Reynolds restored, shot new sequences and finished the film. The story is told from the point of view of the young English author Christopher Isherwood who meets a group of young artists, dancers and musicians in the cabaret ‘Troika’ in Berlin. Isherwood understands his own homosexuality and becomes witness of mysterious experiments which let the border between life and death blur. Besides the restored and newly shot films, photographies and archive materials are to be seen in the exhibition. ‘The Lost’ is the attempt to refresh a forgotten time capsule to rewrite a lost part of the history of film.
Based on this film project the exhibition gives an extensive overview of the diverse work of Reynold Reynolds by presenting central works of the artist. For the retrospective a new video work was created which is on show for the first time at the Kunstpalais.

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June 28, 2014 - August 31, 2014

The Municipal Collection Erlangen assembles more than 4.500 significant works of art. Started in the 1960s the collection reflects the variety of contemporary graphic art spanning from space installations to small drawings, from edition works and multiples to unique copies of graphic art.

Under the title ‘RE: COLLECT’ the Municipal Collection will be shown at the Kunstpalais for the first time. For this exhibition significant graphics are selected and juxtaposed with works of contemporary art. Of main significance is the question which discourses from the second half of the 20th century can be transferred to the present and how artists today deal with the themes and motives of the collection. The exhibited works of contemporary art are not limited to the medium of graphic, but include video installations, photography and space installations.

The exhibition ‘RE: COLLECT’ examines central aspects of the contemporary art discourse: the confrontation with society, the value of art, the body, language and music. It shows how central art movements from the 1960s and 1970s (Performance Art, Conceptual Art, Land Art and Pop Art) resonate in contemporary art and how artists today deal with these themes and motifs, which are essential aspects of the Municipal Collection.

Artists: Ulf Aminde (DE), Vanessa Beecroft (IT), Joseph Beuys (DE), Anna & Bernhard Blume (DE), Marcel Broodthaers (BE), Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller (CA), Natalie Czech (DE), Hanne Darboven (DE), Robert Filliou (FR), Nan Goldin (US), Jack Goldstein (CA), Eugen Gomringer (CH), Camille Henrot (FR), Peter Hutchinson (US), Christian Jankowski (DE), Eva Kotátková (CZ), Robert Longo (US), Nasan Tur (DE), Andy Warhol (US)

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