Past exhibitions

Who the f*ck is Halil Altindere?

Opening: January 20, 2015
Exhibition: January 21, 2015 - March 22, 2015

Halil Altindere is known as a critical observer of Turkish society. In his photographies, video and installation works he analyses the social and political realities of his home country. He is interested in the tension between tradition and modernity, individuality and community, state and citizen, authority and control. Altindere’s use of the language and symbols of the system he criticizes is subversive and provocative. At the same time he questions his role as an artist in the global capitalistic art market and reviews the current occurrences. His latest works especially concentrate on the subculture in Istanbul and the manifold Turkish film tradition.

The exhibition unites the artist’s main works of the past years and thereby gives an overview of his oeuvre. Altindere’s video Angels of Hell – coproduced by the Kunstpalais – premieres in Germany in this exhibition.