Martin Disler

* March 1, 1949 in Seewen, Switzerland; † August 27, 1996 in Genf, Switzerland

Works in the Municipal Collection Erlangen

  • Endless Modern Licking of Crashing Globe by Black Doggie Time-Bomb, 1981


Box with eight etchings on Van Gelder-paper, one additonal cover sheet, one pocket knife and a tape recording with the inscription "Nigger-Joint Cabaret"
Aquatint, soft ground etching, lift ground, drypoint and photoetching
Dimensions: 56 x 75.4 cm each
Signature, inscriptions, markings: each signed at lower right, numbered at lower left
Copy Number: 36/49
Printer: Paul Mancusi, Aero Press Inc., New York
Publisher: Peter Blum, New York
Text: Martin Disler
Accession Number: 1001039.1–8
Image: Sheet 5
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