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April 24, 2016 - June 26, 2016

The international group exhibition explores the often disquieting figure of the clown, which has made an ‘uncanny’ career in recent years. Today (evil) clowns appear in a wide range of contexts including (anti-)advertisement, political activism, TV series, horror films and Hollywood productions, pop music and contemporary art. The masqueraded jester makes us laugh – but with a laughter that quickly gets stuck in our throats: ‘Thereʼs Nothing Funny About a Clown in the Moonlight’ (Lon Chaney).

The show features artistic positions that approach the topic of the clown in very different ways. Next to painting, sculpture and photography the Kunstpalais presents site-specific installations and performance(-documentations) that were produced especially for the exhibition. These diverse works are complemented by exhibits from popular culture, movies, music and political activism.

On the occasion of the International Comic-Salon Erlangen one chapter of the exhibition is dedicated to the history of one of the vibrant evil clown-personalities: to Joker, opponent of Batman – green-haired, permanently grinning and psychopathic.

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Sunday, 29.05.2016

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