Art Education

Art Education ― alive and diverse

We want to rouse interest and generate excitement for contemporary art in children, teenagers, adults, and families! For this exact purpose, the art education department of the Kunstpalais offers a diversified accompanying program for each of our exhibitions—depending on the occasion, exhibition, and content of the art. 
Our extensive program includes guided tours, art talks, practical workshops, lectures, artists’ workshops, movie nights, and activities for all visitors from age 0 to 100. Targeted programs, interactive and open structures allow for a diverse approach to art and adjustments to the individual’s needs.
For educational institutions like schools, kindergartens, day care centers, and study groups the educational department of the Kunstpalais develops guided tours and workshops for each exhibition that are coordinated with the individual syllabus. This way the contact between contemporary art and school is facilitated.
Do you have any suggestions or specific ideas for your own projects at Kunstpalais? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and wishes.  
Gladly we will introduce you to our different programs and we are looking forward to hearing your questions and seeing you registrations! In our event calendar, you can check when an event will take place.

Bookable Events

You are looking for a special cultural event for your birthday, company celebration, or a unique gift? For each exhibition we offer special reservations for personal tours or workshops for individual groups. Gladly we offer you private tours and services provided by our professional art mediators, as well as curatorial tours. Our services can be taken up by individuals or companies and will be tailored to the respective group.

 Of course, we also offer children’s birthday parties at Kunstpalais!
For further inquiries, weʼll be happy to help.

Dates: upon request (Monday—Sunday)
Length: Guided tour: 60–90 minutes, workshop: 2–3 hours
Participation: German-language guided tour (60 min.) 60 € plus admission fee | (90 min.) 80 € plus admission fee; foreign-language guided tour (60 min.) 80 € plus entrance fee; curatorial tours (60 min.) 100 € plus admission fee; workshops: 95–115 €
Meeting point: at the counter of Kunstpalais


Image: View to the exhibition Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charrière. I'm Afraid I Must Ask You To Leave, 2018 - 2019

booking & contact
Nora Wolf
Leiterin der Kunstvermittlung
T: +49 (0)9131 86 2621
F: +49 (0)9131 86 2117
View of the work Clockwork by artists Julius von Bismarck, which consists of three concrete mixers that incessantly hurl stones. These stones cover the entire floor.