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Survival of the Fittest

February 29, 2020 - May 24, 2020

The current discourse on where humankind is heading is increasingly dominated by the danger that environmental destruction in general and climate change in particular pose for the survival of the species. Global political movements gave the issue a new level of urgency by emphasizing the need for an instant ecological paradigm shift at all levels of society. The role that technology can play in the future is being debated controversially.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to blockchain technology, big data and bioengineering – while optimists praise technological innovation as the key to preserving our habitat, skeptics warn about a naive hope that is fueled by an increased lack of understanding of technology. In a flood of contradictory information it becomes harder and harder to objectively evaluate the current state of the world. Caught in a doomsday atmosphere, feelings swing between euphoria and impotence, departure and demise, decadence and “Weltschmerz”.

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