Vivian Greven. Apple

November 21, 2020 - April 05, 2021

Sensual surfaces, erotic compositions, immaculate beauty, yet distorted time and time again through a startling, cold weft—the latest paintings by Vivian Greven (1985 in Bonn) seduce the viewers with their peculiar tension which arises between poles like perfection and the uncanny, tradition and avant-garde. Greven’s figures are brought to life sculptures in pictures. Their smooth skin is reminiscent of marble and porcelain. Sometimes provocatively glossy, sometimes mysteriously matt—her figurative paintings mirror the desire for a perfect aesthetic and a soulful corporeality in a digital age.

Apple and arrow—the contentual starting points for her new series Apple are two of the oldest and most prevalent motifs of cultural history. Greven’s virtuosicly unsettling compositions bring to mind coalescing associations ranging from the biblical fruit as a symbol of lust and knowledge to the logo of ›Apple‹, the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, to digitally animated computer games.

Image: "Ham II", 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 155 x 200 cm,
Courtesy the artist and Private collection, Berlin, Photo: Ivo Faber

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Mike Bourscheid. Pisces and Capricorns

November 21, 2020 - April 05, 2021

Cowboy boots, epaulettes, leather aprons, and bodices ­– in the sculptures, videos, and performances of Mike Bourscheid (*1984 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg) the characters are dressed eccentric. These elements already tell stories and refer to their typical wearers, as well as their place in (cultural) history. But does this turn a figure automatically into a princess, a cowboy or a father?

Mike Bourscheid designs and manufactures complex and symbolically charged costumes and makes them the center of his works. He lets his protagonists wear these self-tailored, pottered, forged or carved objects with great self-evidence – while dancing, eating or walking on the treadmill, even if sometimes they can barely move.

In his humorous works the artist plays with ideas of interpersonal relationships, roles, and identities and questions the reliable interpretation and meaningfulness of form, masculinity, stature, and clothing in a mischievous and urgent way.

Image: "Idealverein", 2016-2017, Exhibition view "Thank you so much for the flowers", Luxembourg Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2017

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current events

Saturday, 23.01.2021

Ein Mann läuft auf einem Laufband und spricht mit seinem Papagei. Wer mag er wohl sein?
Seine Kleidung ist wirklich außergewöhnlich ... Auf seinem Rücken baumeln eine Pfanne und andere Küchenutensilien, auf seinem Kopf trägt er einen Hut mit breiter Krempe, an dem eine Augenklappe befestigt ist. Seine Schuhe klackern bei jedem Schritt. Könnte er ein Pirat sein? Oder ein Cowboy? Doch was macht ein Pirat an Land? Das gestrandete Schiff der beiden steht in unserem Ausstellungsraum ... Was ist nur passiert? Zusammen überlegen wir, was der geheimnisvolle Mann und sein Papagei erlebt haben könnten und lassen in unserer Fantasie ihr Piratenleben Wirklichkeit werden! Aus euren eigenen Ideen entstehen bunte und aufregende Abenteuerwelten.

Treffpunkt: zuhause oder unterwegs vor dem eigenen PC, Tablet oder Handy
Wann: ab 12.12.2020 um 10.00 Uhr online verfügbar Wo: kostenlos abrufbar auf Facebook, Instagram und Youtube

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