10/28/2023 – 01/28/2024

Ad Minoliti

Bright colors, geometric forms and plush - starting October 28, Ad Minoliti (* 1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) transforms the Kunstpalais into an underground realm full of mushrooms, roots and forest creatures.

Following Latin America's tradition of geometric abstraction, Minoliti creates posthuman visions in which feminism and gender theories meet with an open interpretation of painting, design, and art history. With bold and symbolic colors, sensual geometric shapes, and a sense of playfulness, Minoliti creates paintings that transcend their two-dimensional frames to reveal a more vivid and hybrid vision of the world-a gentle utopia.

With a site-specific installation of new paintings, sculptures, and murals at Kunstpalais, Minoliti takes us into an alternative universe of geometric abstraction, where stereotypical notions, classism, and customary habits of seeing and perception are called into question. Like the mushroom networks of a forest, Minoliti creates an inclusive and participatory space that acknowledges the interconnectedness of all beings. This is complemented by a variety of events, including the premiere of Minoliti's "Feminist Painting School" workshop series in Germany.



Image: Ad Minoliti, warm hole & hot tea, exhibition view, Crèvecoeur, Paris, 2022, Courtesy the artist and Crèvecoeur Paris, Photo: Martin Argyroglo

Vernissage: 27.10.2023