07/30 – 10/23/2022

Brandon Lipchik. Moonbeams of Allegory

Naked, avatar-like figures with flowing hair career on blue horses through a nocturnal forest. They fight their way through a flock of colorful birds of paradise and, in the moonlight, indulge in wild lovemaking with inhuman beasts, both lustful and fearful at the same time. The most recent paintings and VR installations by New York and Berlin-based artist Brandon Lipchik (born 1993 Erie, PA, US) show something new and sometimes uncanny: his anonymous figures leave behind the orderly civilization with its fenced-in front yards and square pools of his previous works and plunge freely into erotic adventures surrounded by nocturnal nature. Yes, nature itself even gradually becomes an active protagonist. Increasingly, animal figures appear in action with his anonymous avatars, and even unpopulated landscape paintings in which nature stands entirely for itself for the first time.  Like a director in a theater, the artist presents his scenes on stage-like platforms and lets them shine through spotlights in neon-colored light shows alluding to Berlin nightlife. Lipchik's retro-digital compositions, which are also reminiscent of computer game graphics from the 1980s and 1990s, are created in digital 3D animation programs and finally transferred to canvas through analog painting processes. In addition to Lipchik's new paintings and poems, the exhibition at Kunstpalais also features two new VR installations, shown for the first time, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the artist's new, mythical-erotic world.

Kunstpalais presents "Brandon Lipchik. Moonbeams of Allegory", the first institutional solo exhibition of the US artist worldwide.


Exhibition film

Image: Brandon Lipchik, Sebastian's revenge, 2022, Courtesy the artist, Photo: Roman März

Vernissage: 29.07.2022