06/03 – 07/25/2010

LUCK happens ...

The first exhibition bears the title LUCK happens. On to floors, the design envisages the imagination of different aspects and expressions of ‘LUCK’ and ‘happiness’ with all its facets and flaws.

The first floor shows the following:

  1. Luck/happiness as a promise
  2. Luck/happiness as the meaning of life (life as a personal happiness project / as a private affair)
  3. Luck/happiness as a short high point (as an island / as a brief moment in time) and universal aspects of this topic


The negatives of these topics will be mirrored on the other floor. This floor is about:

  1. Luck/happiness as a fragile good
  2. Luck as a fickle whore (Shakespeare; unexpectedly, fugacious, ambivalent, unjust, can only be comprehended retrospectively)
  3. Luck/happiness as sex, drugs, thrill, ecstasy (luck as an invention of the devil: Flaubert)


The chronology of the exhibition leads to easy answers for a difficult question. The visitors of the exhibition is encouraged to repeatedly re-examine the different aspects of luck/happiness—and to take a personal stand on this topic.

Fifteen internationally renowned artists from eight nations take part in the exhibition and express their very heterogeneous ideas of luck/happiness in their artistic works, which were predominantly created for this exhibition.

Vernissage: 02.06.2010