05/30 – 06/02/2024

Jeremy Perrodeau. Other worlds

Since 2013, French cartoonist Jeremy Perrodeau has created a unique and coherent body of work, characterized above all by its rhythm and a particular geometry and sense of adventure. With his contemplative and reflective science fiction, he explores the course of a narrative as well as our relationship with the great myths or the environment. Book after book, he continues to expand his graphic and narrative vocabulary, claiming a permanent place in contemporary science fiction literature with his exciting works.
Perrodeau studied visual communication in Paris, initially worked as a graphic designer and realized numerous projects for the renowned Parisian studio deValence. Along the way, he produced small fanzines, which he published himself, and gradually moved into comics and illustration.
Born in 1988 between Nantes and the sea on the edge of the forest, Jeremy Perrodeau finds his inspiration in the vast landscapes of nature, which is reflected in his comics. This is also reflected in the exhibition, which is built around four of his volumes. Already in “Isles, La Grande Odyssée” (2013), a black and white narrative without text, some characteristic features of his work can be seen: surreal and mysterious worlds of fascinating beauty, which also have something threatening about them. With “Crépuscule” / “Twilight” (2017), Perrodeau presented his first science fiction story. On a planet with an artificial biosphere created by humans, nature gets out of control and time goes crazy. A team of researchers flown in has to contend with strange and dangerous phenomena in the hermetic new world. Depicted in bright neon colors, Perrodeau takes up the major themes of our time - the apocalyptic, psychedelic world seems frighteningly close to the present. In the psychological thriller “Le Long des ruines” (2021), psychiatrist and elite soldier Samuel F. Monroe can enter the brains of coma patients as a healer and travel through their mental landscapes like virtual worlds to bring them back to reality. Most recently, Jeremy Perrodeau inspired with “Le Visage de Pavil” / “Pavil's Face” (2023). When Pavil lands on a remote island, he is greeted with suspicion by the inhabitants. Is he a spy for the all-powerful empire - what does he really want in this isolated society?


Jeremy Perrodeau - Other Worlds

May 30 to June 2

Kunstpalais, first floor

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Thu 12:00-19:00, Fri/Sat 10:00-19:00, Sun 10:00-17:00

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Vernissage: 30.05.2024