07/11 – 09/06/2015

Jan Albers: cOlOny cOlOr

Kunstpalais welcomes the Dusseldorfer artist Jan Albers (1971 in Wuppertal) to show his works from the recent past in an extensive solo show this summer. Albers describes his concepts for the exhibition as a ‘Parcours Mortale’: The visitor is supposed to get sucked into the exhibition, move in it like in a labyrinth made of forms and colors, take in the pictures from up close and far away, absorb the heat and the cold, chaos, destruction and order—and get a little intoxicated by it all.

He does not display his works in Erlangen in the traditional white exhibitions rooms. From the beginning, he incorporates the room into the exhibition layout and thus starts an exciting interaction between his works and their environment. For this purpose, Albers combines a collection of his own photographs that he took during his travels around the world. The pictures of megametropolises, natural phenomena, skyscraper fronts correspond through the interest for structures and surfaces formally with his relief-like wall objects—and they take the viewer to worlds far away.

The exhibition is created in cooperation with the Heydt-Kunsthalle in Wuppertal.

Vernissage: 10.07.2015