09/19 – 11/16/2014

Reynold Reynolds: Six or Seven Pieces

With the exhibition Reynold Reynolds: Six or Seven Pieces Kunstpalais dedicates the very first retrospective show in Germany to the American film artist. His work moves on a spectrum between art and science, past and present, reality and fiction. He toys with the visitors’ expectations and emotions—and misleads them in unforeseen ways to unforeseen paths. Different worlds overlay each other inextricably and take the viewer into the abyss of their own imagination.

At the center of the exhibition is the film project The Lost. Based on fragments of the film, which was shot in Germany in 1933, Reynold Reynolds restored the material, shot new sequences and completed the film. The story is told from the perspective of the young English author Christopher Isherwood who meets a group of young artists, dancers and musicians in the cabaret Troika in Berlin. Isherwood becomes aware of his own homosexuality and becomes witness to mysterious experiments which blur the line between life and death. In addition to the restored and newly shot films, photographs and archive materials are displayed in the exhibition. The Lost is the attempt to refresh a forgotten time capsule to rewrite a lost part of the history of film.

Beginning with this film project, the exhibition gives an extensive overview of the wide-ranging work of Reynold Reynolds by presenting central works of the artist. For the retrospective show a new video work was created which is on show for the first time at Kunstpalais.


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Vernissage: 18.09.2014