01/21 – 03/20/2011

M+M: Come Here for a Minute first

The exhibition Come here for a Minute first shows current works of the artist duo M+M. At the center are a series of film and sound installations. Their protagonists with their multilayered identity and their capriciousness symptomatically represent current developments in our society. On their way through the exhibition rooms and the underground tunnel vault, the visitor will increasingly be involved in the world of these melancholic, unpredictable characters. The visitor will feel the vertigo that lurks behind the unemotional façade of today’s life plans that have a fixed individual core that is about to fray into contradictory layers. The film projects, narratives, and pictures coat the walls of Kunstpalais like a second imaginary skin and transform the building into a walk-in, fragmented cinema.

Vernissage: 20.01.2011