01/18 – 03/24/2013

Peter Land: Absolute Perfection

Kunstpalais shows a kind of ‘foresighted retrospect’ of the Danish artist Peter Land, who was born in 1966. In this exhibition, that the Biennale-artist has been preparing for over a year, numerous new objects, sculptures, and videos will be presented to the very first time. Through these works, we look back at an exciting oeuvre that is steeped in irony.

Peter Land is an artist who invents himself anew time and time again. His work comprises video works, where he picks up the topic of human failure, room installations that deal with the issue of the weariness that catches up with us on the daily, and paintings or drawings that are dedicated to the strains of child rearing under title Darlings. In his latest works, mundane objects are brought to life that surround us every day and dictate our life mercilessly.

Interview with Peter Land 

Vernissage: 17.01.2013