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The artworks, the atmosphere, the joy, the interesting and the special can also be taken home – on paper. In close cooperation with the respective artist, we produce elaborate catalogs and artist books, which are as individual in form and content as the corresponding artworks themselves. You can find more details about the layout, authors and texts below under the individual title.
In keeping with the Municipal Art Collection, which specializes in multiplied art, some artists also produce graphics or multiples so that we can offer them to visitors to Kunstpalais. So far, one of a kind 3D-printed sculptures by Florian Meisenberg, a cap with LED lights by Alona Rodeh, and prints by Grace Weaver and Vivian Greven are available here.
People who like art also like to surround themselves with beautiful things, as we know from our own experience. That’s exactly the reason why Kunstpalais has a curator-curated museum store with jazzy, eye-catching, unconventional things that we’d like to own ourselves or would love to give as gifts: Jewelry made from laser-cut Plexiglas or crocheted yarn from Japan, England, and Australia, fine leather cooking aprons from the Netherlands, plant planets and gem galaxies from Denmark, special pieces of tableware and vases from ancient times – and whatever else we are able to find.
Our books, prints, and multiples can also be ordered online; everything else can be found exclusively on our store shelves in Kunstpalais until further notice. For urgent repeat orders or desires awakened via our Instagram account – we will gladly try to send you these things as well. 
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Rinus Van de Velde. Now I am the night of nights

This catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition Rinus Van de Velde. Now I am the night of nights at Kunstpalais, Erlangen from June 30 until September 9, 2018.

Rinus Van de Velde (1983 in Leuven, Belgium) is famous for his large-sized charcoal drawings. It is not unusual that he appears as a protagonist in his own works: be it as his artistic alter ego or based on the model of real-life personalities—Van de Velde creates characters who travel, investigate and search for their own self, a new inspiration, but sometimes merely for the next petrol station or a package of cigarettes. Almost automatically, his paintings compose a whole storyline in the imagination of the beholder. They nearly seem like scenes from an elaborated storyboard a cinema film could be created from. However, the artist turns the principle of the storyboard upside down.  

Van de Velde’s drawings are always based on collected visual material, which originates from many different sources: newspapers, magazines, the internet. Also, in parts, he produces his photographic templates on his own. In Van de Velde’s studio in Antwerp, sets that take up the whole room are created, in which the artist and his friends become extras in his story. The catalog presents drawings from the artist’s new work cycle in a large-sized format and in selected close-ups. Furthermore, the catalog guarantees an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the film project of Van de Velde, which is currently being produced. In an interview with Boris Pofalla, the artist himself talks about his works and his inspiration. Texts by Amely Deiss and Malte Kröger introduce the oeuvre of Rinus Van de Velde. 

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Amely Deiss, Malte Kröger, Kunstpalais, Stadt Erlangen
Kunstpalais Erlangen
Amely Deiss, Malte Kröger, Boris Pofalla
paperback edition, 80 pages, ca. 30 × 42 cm, numerous colored illustrations and detailed photographs
15.00 €
Article number
Title of the exhibition catalog "Rinus Van de Velde. Now I am the night of nights"