06/20 – 08/02/2009

Heinrich Kirchner: Signs of Life

Heinrich Kirchner (1902–1984), who was born in Erlangen, is one of the artists of the ‚Lost Generation‘. In 1937, when one of his sculptures was confiscated by the Reich Chamber of Culture, he felt that he himself and his artistic works were threatened and he withdrew from the public art industry. In the post-war era, the art enthusiastic public especially payed attention to the abstract art styles which have made their way from the USA to Europe. This is where Heinrich Kirchner wanted to join. He concentrated on the continuation of his own way and stayed–like many of his fellow artist—true to representational art.

The exhibition traces Kirchner’s artistic progression though selected exhibits. Starting with works from the 1920s, the exhibition visualizes his search for a new figurative design vocabulary, which gained iconic poignancy especially in his later works.

Vernissage: 19.06.2009