04/08 – 06/12/2011

Mathilde Rosier: Rite de passage

Kunstpalais invites Mathilde Rosier (1973 in Paris) to transform the whole exhibition space in to a walk-in fairy tale. This up to this date biggest installation of the artist deals with the archaic needs and subconscious wishes and desires of the human being. With reference to Sigmund Freud’s pronouncement that psychoanalysis was the “archeology of the soul” Mathilde Rosier connects two levels of representation: the level of the visible and the conscious on the first floor—with the level of obscurity and the subconscious in the windowless basement floor of Kunstpalais. The total theatrical installation unites central motifs of Mathilde Rosier’s work to a great visual tale about art and life. The at first glance out of time seeming objects, room installations, costumes, and pictures give a hint at a pervading fairytale-like storyline. Mathilde Rosier’s works, however, only apparently tell tales from bygone days. They rather stop time and invite with their enigmatic eloquence to fill them with contemporary meanings.

For the first time, Mathilde Rosier can be seen in an extensive solo exhibition in Germany. The exhibition takes place in the context of the international


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Vernissage: 07.04.2011