07/06 – 09/02/2012

Thomas Locher


“The exhibition touches on the question whether it can be narrated and offers various stations with different narrative and argumentative figures, which discuss the riddle of the economic and some of its aspects and terms: of its change and its operations, the requirements of a gift and its gestures, the things in their relation to humans, the things as objects and their fetish traits when they become commodities; their immanence will also be regarded. We will take a look at the annihilating character of money and its (un)ending possibilities of abstraction, at the aggregate state of money as we know it. We will try to look into the future of money and will ask the question why we soon will no longer need it. It will broach the issue of the relation of faith, dignity, and credibility and how these terms are connected to credit, the impossibility of the visualization of work, its non-visibility, and how we don’t even want to see it when we could see it. We try to offer a presentational aesthetic that forms a lineup of marginalized questions, perceptions, and problems that is still called ‘capitalism’. We will engage with the opposite of rational/irrational and will try to decode the rules, laws, and structures of the economic, if it exists at all. The exhibition will have an orientation system, there will be signposts with labelings and directions.

The exhibition will not be about the current financial crisis, however, it will be about ‘crises’. Not only the spectacle of the financial system shows the functions of the economic when things fall apart. Language functions similarly because its multilayered functions show only when errors occur in communication, when the relation of sender and receiver leads to misunderstandings. Like the economy produces an excess of wares, things, and energies, language produces an excess of significant meanings, which is possibly also without meaning, that can get injected into exchange relationships, that remains as a leftover. We will look at exactly these leftovers.” (Thomas Locher, 1956 in Munderkingen)


The exhibition takes place as part of the Erlanger Poetenfest 2012

Vernissage: 05.07.2012