Let us introduce ourselves

Hannah Straub

Art-in-Architecture (Temporary)
Why art, actually?
As Banksy, among others, has brought it so beautifully to the point and especially on the wall: The eARTh without ART is just eh! Art invites us to dream, to change our perspective, it makes hidden things visible and depicts impressions and thoughts, it is beautiful, fascinating, progressive, even irritating, and above all it is always based on action. In short: it moves us.
What particularly fascinates you about art-in-architecture?
In art-in-architecture one thinks and works in a very interdisciplinary way and my role is often also a mediating one. The aim is to enable a mode of collective work between artists, architects, and supporting institutions that will eventually move into the emerging buildings, and many other actors. This productive collaboration and the always inspiring exchange give me a lot of joy.
How do you start your day every morning?
With a short (or longer) look out of the open window, music and a big cup of coffee.

Photo: Fédéric Schwilden
Hannah Straub