Let us introduce ourselves

Jacqueline Gwiasdowski

Scientific Volunteer
Why museum? And why Kunstpalais?
After studying art history at the University of Göttingen, I was sure that I wanted to make exhibitions – show art – communicate art! As a scientific volunteer at the museum, I have the opportunity to get to know all aspects of exhibition making and museum work. At Kunstpalais, I have found a young and modern team, a great collection and colleagues who are as keen on art as I am.
Do you have a favorite artwork or artist?
To be honest, no. I rave about so many works of art and artists from all eras and countries, it would be very difficult for me to choose anything in particular from this huge selection. Each era and artist has its own charm that I can get involved with and get excited about. The as yet undiscovered up-and-coming contemporary artists usually enchant me just as much as the creations of medieval masters, the dreamy motifs of the Romantics, and so on and so forth…
You can choose a superpower – which one is it and why?
Time travel or teleportation. Perhaps the two even belong together? Then I would explore past and alien worlds full of adventurousness and might be there up close when the great masterpieces are created.
Jacqueline Gwiasdowski