Let us introduce ourselves

Malte Lin-Kröger

Curator of Collection and Acting Director
How and when did you become part of Kunstpalais?
At the end of a small journey through Southern Germany. Until 2012 I studied theater and media sciences and art history. After some stops in Munich and Freiburg im Breisgau in 2016 then suddenly: Erlangen calling (again)! What should I say? It was and still is irresistible. Parental home, place of residence, and place of work are now evenly distributed between Nuremburg, Fürth, and Erlangen. I’m in a happy polyamorous relationship with the metropolitan area.
What is your favorite piece of the Municipal Art Collection?
Depends. With some works like Dr. Müllers Sex Shop by Jürgen Klauke or our lithographies by Keith Haring I would like to go to a party or to Gay Pride March. In the case of Sherrie Levineʼs Barcham Green Portfolio, however, I want to lock us in together and mediate. And, when I’m searching for the perfect definition for the attitude of life of my own generation I’m bringing out Lilly Urbat’s "Look At That Beauty".
To emphasize that I really cannot decide: There’s also a lot of art in the public space in Erlangen that is worth seeing. My insider tip: Joachim Bandauʼs giant "Maschinenfiguren" in Erlangen-South.
What’s written on your shirt?
Habibi. Arabic for friend or darling. However, my habibi comes from Taiwan.

Photo: Frédéric Schwilden
Malte Lin-Kröger