Let us introduce ourselves

Nora Wolf

Temporary Head of Art Education
Why the Kunstpalais?
I live in Nuremberg and I think the best thing about Erlangen is the Kunstpalais. The exhibitions are so varied and I find the interplay of established positions and completely new, young approaches super exciting. I also like the small team and how collegial things are here.
What is the most important thing about art education?
Authenticity. As soon as the group realizes that I am just reproducing something and have not thought it through myself, it is boring for everyone involved. I have to be convinced of what I am saying. Listening is also very important. It is not always about feeding as much information as possible, but about encouraging the visitors to make their own experiences and observations and then respond to them.
What is your place of longing?
Italy - the light, the language, the architecture, the espresso! In my next life I will be Italian.
Nora Wolf